What does MS mean to me

By Michelle Audrey Drolet

It’s an ice pick behind my eye

An aching, shrieking ear

It’s electric shocks all over my body

And it is bugs crawling under my skin

It’s an un-real heart attack called

“The MS Hug” that lands a truck on my chest

It’s a certain rage in a gentle soul

It’s a constant mourning

It’s isolation of a dangerous kind

It’s a serious depression

It’s a language teacher

Who forgets the language she taught

Words look awkwardly strange

It’s an axe slicing through my brain

It’s an agonizing pain

It is tiredness & tiredness & more of the same

It’s the biggest challenge to keep on

Trying to learn new things

Playing hours of brain games

Some days I talk to my brain

Please make my mind make my legs take me home again


My brain is full of missed connections

It is the Master, I am its puppet

For now…