Editor’s note

We have been quiet for awhile! Life has been happening and we have been enjoying every moment of it! apologies to those who have missed us and much gratitude to those who have been returning to the site to keep getting inspired. Also big love to everyone who has reached out and asked us for more!

Life happens and things happen, it is in these moments that we get to introspect! I have been doing a lot go it lately. Life has thrown curve balls my way and where I would have previously been upset about it, I have chosen to go with the flow and that my dear readers has worked out well.

Having said that – we are back and it is summer time in our end of the world! Warm weather, camping trips, nights spent sitting on the porch, reading,  and just overall happiness! (Can you tell I love this season the most?!!)

Champa is back! Every time I read one of Champa’s shenanigans I laugh and am transported to Champa’s world! I have an image of who Champa is in my mind and I am sure you will have it too. Follow Champa on her shenanigans and smile, for life is about what happens inside our head as much as it about what happens outside!

Wherever you are in the world, we wish you moments of happiness and content. May you be smiling and facing whatever it is with aplomb!

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Lots of Love & Light
Tahira – Editor in Chief