Grilled Oysters in Fennel Butter

By Aliyah Lalji-Nagji

4887843Oysters contain zinc and amino acids that have been known to trigger hormones related to sex! Eat them raw, eat them Rockefeller! Try this…. A great appetizer for a romantic evening.

I know it is cold outside but it is worth it! Besides you can certainly warm up cuddling in front of a toasty fire!

Grilled Oysters in Fennel Butter

Get about 20 oysters. Throw them on the barbeque for about 3-5 minutes.

In a separate bowl mix a cup of butter, a tsp. of ground fennel, a finely diced shallot, about a tablespoon of fennel greens, some salt and pepper.

Using an oyster knife pry the partially opened barbequed oysters open and remove the flat shell. Cover each oyster with about a ½ a tsp. of the compound butter mixture and put them back on the barbeque for a minute or two until the butter is melted.

They are delicious!

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