Grilled Cheese Sticks & Tomato Soup

By Aliyah Lalji-Nagji

6208303Grill Cheese Sticks and Tomato Soup
You will need:
Sliced Bread
Butter or Mayonnaise
Grated Cheese
1 Can of Tomato Sauce or you can use 4 fresh Tomatoes finely diced
1 Cup of Salt free Chicken stock
3 Tbsps Herb and Garlic Cream cheese

Make a great grill cheese sandwich
Use your favourite bread, cheese and butter and pan fry it over medium heat. For a crunchier sandwich use mayonnaise instead of butter. Cut the sandwich into four sticks.

To make a delicious tomato soup dip:
In a medium saucepan bring the tomato sauce can and stock to a boil. For a healthier option use diced fresh tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. You will need to cook to cook it 15 minutes longer with the fresh tomato. Once it is boiling, shut off the heat and add the cream cheese and salt and pepper to taste.

Kids love dipping their crunchy grilled cheese sticks into their velvety tomato soup dip.

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