Canadian Gardener’s Guide 2nd Edition

A review by Chimeg Ganbat:

cdngardenersguide_3dA great book for all levels, from those blessed with a “green thumb” down to novices. It gives you insight on how to plan your garden depending on the area you are living in Canada as well as nature of your garden. It also has a great source of information on how to choose your garden styles with the help of blue prints given.

You can find easy DIY workshops such as how to build your own pergola, deck, and pond. It simply explains how to identify plants’ origin based on their Latin names. The author also has detailed garden terminology in the help box in each section – very useful.

The book is an easy read with clear cut categories, based on plant characteristics (i.e. sun loving, creepers or ground cover plants ) which helps you to find the right plants for your garden. Big bonus for visual readers like me as it includes high-resolution pictures in each section, which makes ID-ing the plants that much more fun. Excellent resource for us, Canadian gardeners.

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