Owner & Creative Superhero, Writer, Editor, & Life Coach

Hello. If you don’t already know me, let me introduce myself: My name is Tahira.

I hail from a diverse background, which is fun and fascinating, but at times super conflicting. I was born and raised in Kenya; studied in Canada; lived in South Africa and the UAE; and now live in Ontario, Canada. I love my diversity and it is a big part of who I am. I have what I call the nomadic bug, I love to travel and live in different places, so I can experience first hand the local culture.

My educational background is Mass Communication and Journalism, but I have worked as a PA, Office Manager, Business Development Manager, a Marketing Manager and a mother, the most important role of all.

I am a self confessed people watcher. I love watching people and learning from them. I get fascinated and lost into hearing people’s stories and experiences and my passion lies in being able to re-tell those stories. It feels like I am contributing to web of heritage for the years to come. My other passions are food and Bollywood – I am a Bollywood buff – from their music, to movies to interviews – I am into it!! Food…yummm what else can I say!!

I am also on a quest to go green and in that quest I have found a new passion in making homemade natural body and bath products – and have launched my own line called KIKABONI.

KIKABONI means organic in Swahili! It is my baby and the best part is my little angel is so into it that it is now referred to as her business. But the best moment and satisfaction is when she says “I need more KIKABONI mama” – which means she wants more body butter.

I am now also a certified life coach – which is a dream come true, because that is my calling in life. 🙂

I strongly believe: everyone I meet and everything that happens, happens for a reason!! We have to strive to live in the moment, because once the moment has passed, it’s just that – PASSED!!

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw