Eloquence Queen (Writer)


Having worked in the corporate sector for more than 20 years in East Africa, I now find myself in a very different professional and personal space.

About 2 years ago – 04th October 2014 if we are to be specific – I took the dauntingly humongous life changing and mind altering step of taking “early retirement” at the age of 43 years exact!  I was born on 04th October 1971, and freakily, my previous job started on 04th October 2003! So what could be better than embarking on a new journey on the officially assigned freak day and month of 04/10?

So, October 2014 started the tall order of my safari of  (i) self-discovery outside of a predominantly business style driven life and (ii) a new career totally out of my comfort zone, however one I have secretly dreamed of.

With 4 years of executive management experience in the hospitality and tourist industry, and 16 years of executive management experience in media (traditional – print, television and radio & New – online & mobile) and telecommunications (strategy, technology, content development &implementation), I only knew I wanted to pursue a more creative path, and having entertained my sisters and family with funny emails and messages, I thought to explore the world of writing.

And so, here I am… Exploring my inner writer and getting in touch with my creative self…

Karibu and join me in my journey…