Suffering a brain injury and manifesting a gifted life – Samantha Black

By Tahira Bharmal

Suffering a brain injury  is a life altering event! Nothing remains the same!  It is one of those injuries that are invisible to the naked eye, but are very much a reality and its effects are far worse than an injury that can be seen.

In 2013, Samantha Black (Sam) was hit by an impaired driver and suffered a brain injury that resulted in memory issues and constant headaches, which left her unable to return to her life before the accident. But despite this harsh reality, Sam has accepted where she is and has consciously opted to make the best of her life.

A decision that is hard to live by on a daily basis, as she still suffers horrible headaches, dizziness, a difficulty coordinating multiple things, brain fatigue, and so much more;  which leads to a difficulty carrying out daily tasks like preparing dinner (which may take Sam up to 3hrs each night).

On meeting Sam in passing you wouldn’t notice the impact of the brain injury, but when you speak with her and get to know her, you learn the injury has taken a part of her life, personality and ability, but she chooses to focus on the aspects that remain!

Often people are unaware of what it is to live with a brain injury or any other invisible disease. If it is not seen and tangible then it is not there and not real!  The bitter truth about brain injuries is that they never fully heal and they continue to affect the lives of people who have suffered them and those near and dear to them.

People are often quick to sympathize with Sam and or insist she looks fine, which for Sam only creates an isolation. So when people say things like “I get headaches too” or “you look fine” it creates isolation.  Sam is hoping for people to see that even though there are a lot of things happening that do not work, especially do not work as they did before the brain injury, that there is still a lot of positive and that she chooses to work with the positive even though that does not erase the struggles.

Sam is accepting her life now is still evolving.  She does still miss her old self and still gets angry at what was taken from her and her family.

Life before the accident:

Sam was a teen mom of two and went to university in 1998. Before going to university Sam worked 3 jobs to make ends meet and then only barely.

It was only once she was at university she could focus on studying and her children, which allowed room for her to breathe a little easier and open up to new possibilities. And it was then in 1999 where she met Chris, her now life partner. Sam and Chris got married in 2001 and had 3 more children.

Sam worked for child welfare services and in the education field. A high demanding job that required long hours and both mental and physical focus and discipline.

Life after the accident:

The accident changed everything for Sam. She struggled with her new reality of knowing she was unable to return to her life as it was – and that meant everything: from not being able to drive (initially), to going back to work. Sam was in the middle of completing her Masters and part of the post accident reality was having to leave that.

The accident not only changed Sam’s life, but her entire family’s life. Everything and everyone was on hold. She was having to make up to 3 appointments everyday 6 days a week. She had physiotherapy 5 days a week for a couple of hours and sometimes she had to go to two clinics in the same day; massage 2 days a week; cranial sacral therapy was weekly;  and then there was neurology, psychology, neuropsychology and occupational therapy and others.  Sam really focused on holistic wellness so she saw very little in the way of doctors. Sam focused a lot on meditation and natural forms of pain relief.

Her husband, Chris, was her biggest support system and got her through the hard times – being there for her every step of the way.

Being ever positive and determined not to let this bring her down, Sam started exploring options of transferring her skills to new jobs. She turned her focus on what she had to give rather than what she had lost. The first thing she did was develop a personal mission statement that included what was important to her: being of service to others; benefit her family and things she is passionate about. 

With the mission statement done, Sam set out to achieve her goals and became a life coach. This was a natural step for her as she had the skills of working with people and helping them with challenging situations. This new career path checked all the boxes and used all her strengths.

Sam is also gifted with being a psychic and a medium. Her first realizations of these gifts were around the ages of 5 or 6. She has always communicated with Spirit and thought everyone did. She spent a lot of her early years being afraid of her gifts and not fully accepting them. At around 20 years old, Sam stopped being afraid of her gifts and embraced them. Sam believes healing messages come through to her and they create a space for very powerful healing work.

She has dealt with her share of skeptics on this front. Sam is happy for the skeptics. She is aware of the sect of psychics and mediums that take advantage of the vulnerable and unfortunately do not work for the higher good of people. She has gotten certified and works from an authentic space. For Sam, it is a healing. There are skeptic’s in her own personal life , but she doesn’t discuss her gifts with them. She is not doing this to prove anything to anyone. She does it because it is what resonates with her.




Many question what a medium is. I asked her to define it for us in her own terms:

“A psychic reading is all about you and your path, it should feel fairly familiar to you.  Mediumship is when the messages come from Spirit and also from their perspective.  They are often healing in nature and bring forward messages that you most need to hear.”  If you asked me about Spirit being angry I would say that I have not had the experience of angry Spirits.  The main themes that come up are ‘I am okay’, ‘I am sorry’ and ‘LIVE!’ “

For Sam it is simple – operate from a place of kindness – it leaves no room for resistance of any kind. Giving people the respect they deserve goes a long way. Sam believes in asking for help – according to her many of us have limiting beliefs around asking for help, but she tries to remember that when she asks for help she is also giving others an opportunity to be of service and valuing their skills as well.

Knowing something had to change, Grounded Roots Wellness was born. Sam used her settlement money from the accident to re-invest into healing people. It is a place that incorporates all of what Sam is and practices. Grounded Roots Wellness is the labour of love with Chris. It is a space where people can heal and there is something for everyone. Chris has gone on to learn about food and nutrition and DDPYoga and offers his services through this space. Sam has so much to give and this is the perfect way for her to do so. She is determined to change the mindset of people and shift the focus from what we cannot do to what we can do!

Her inspiration and motivation comes from: knowing that the universe wants better for her;  and practicing daily gratitude for everything.

Sam’s message to our readers:

“Learn how to trust that you are meant to be a part of this world; you have a gift; you are meant to be where you are!”